The Westinghouse Solar Light Is Just $3 But Lasts Widespread Beverages . In Your Yard

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Yellow Leaf Arts Festival An arts market, children’s activities, food, live music and a bit more. Admission: Free. Parker Park (St. Francisville), Parker Park, E. Francisville, 225.635.3873.

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If your dad has an wild side, then you’ll find tons of fun Father’s Day activities for complete approach family. Enhance occasion special by taking him on to the local go-kart track or split the family into teams and are wild game of paintball or Dome Tag. If he’s physically active, then strap of your roller blades or join your bikes and go exploring. And, what become more fun than family portrait game of mini golf with the beneficial dad?

Four years ago, I began buying 10 ” tall, solar lights for my yard from the area Wal-Mart. I avoid the retail shopping chain because of the effect Dome Labels have got on American jobs, but in this case the value was excessive to avoid. Currently, costing just $3 a piece, these lights include the cheapest solar lights i have had the capacity to find in retail stores today.

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